TV Wall Mounts - Organizing Your Living Room The Modern Way

The days of the old living room, when a TV was placed on a specialized table or shelf for watching are just about over. Today, people are reclaiming lost space in their living rooms with wall mounts for the new TV's. Sure, the old days of watching TV from your childhood are appealing, but you should consider the new way for organizing your living room. Getting rid of the old clutter around your television can improve your living room in ways you would never expect, as lost floor space is being reclaimed in living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms and basements thanks to wall mounts for an LCD or plasma television set.

It's something to consider, and not just for lost floor space. Wall mounted televisions present an ultra modern look to your living room, along with reclaiming the lost floor space. If an ultra modern look is what you're looking for in living room design, then wall mounted televisions are the best option for you. If not, that doesn't mean you can't use a wall mounted television-it means your living room can benefit from a mix of both modern and old fashioned styles. Don't be scared off by ultra modern designs that are often used to show off wall mounted LCD or plasma televisions in the media or in furniture store advertisements. Ultra modern is fine for some people, but some people don't like ultra modern home and furniture design, because it strikes them as cold and not welcoming. The wall-mounted LCD or plasma television works for all home environments and designs, not just the ultra modern designs. Consider that when deciding whether or not to mount your television on the wall.

It's Not Just Your Living Room That's Benefited

There are many benefits to using the new wall mounts, and reclaiming lost space is only one of them. For one, the new way of watching television is more ergonomic. The main medical complaint these days is neck and back pain from poor posture while sitting. Also, it's caused by poor layout of your furniture due to the old way of leaning forward or tilting your head backward to watch television. With wall mounts, you can mount the television to where your head is in the proper position for good posture. With good posture, you can get rid of any neck or back pain you may have, which can do wonders for your overall physical health, as well as your mental outlook. Chronic pain is known to cause depression. So, there is that to also think about. Improving your overall health and well-being is very important, and the new wall mounts can help with that. This is just one thing to consider as you decide what to do with your LCD or plasma television-whether to mount it on the wall or not. However, not only are the new wall mounts good for your ergonomic well-being, they are also good for your living room-and here's how, when it comes to reclaiming lost floor space in your living room.

No More Wires

By reclaiming that lost floor space by mounting your new television onto the wall, you also get rid of all the wiring for the old TV set and DVD or VHS player-if you still have one. LCD and Plasma televisions no longer have the old wiring that TV's used to have back in the '70's and '80's. Also, LCD and plasma televisions usually have a built in DVD or Blu-Ray player, eliminating the need for a separate DVD player. So, wires are greatly reduced, meaning a cleaner living room setting, which pleases everyone, especially you. Also, mounting your television on the wall rather than on a shelf or table diversifies your interior decorating ideas, which is something that's new to some people. Instead of making the television the focal point of your living room, as in the old days, you can put other furniture underneath the television, allowing you to focus on conversation with your guests rather than the TV.

People who have done this report great results for this type of design, which is good news for those who are tired of sitting in front of a screen all the time. There are many people who sit in front of a screen at work, and then sit in front of the television. This option is a great way to get away from that practice.

Focus On Your Friends, Not The Television

Instead of you and your guests being lulled into a haze by watching the television, you have much more enjoyable conversation time with them, which is the purpose of a visit, rather than watching television. So, there is also that to consider as you consider what to do with the television in your living room. Remember that the television is a tool used for information and entertainment-it's not a baby sitter or something to get lost in at the end of the day. Nothing more.

So many people are used to the television being the focus of a living room or den that they forget the television isn't meant to be the focus for any room design. In the olden days, the radio wasn't the focus of a living room-it was a part of the living room, used for the same things the television is. Same thing for a television-any television including the new ones. As long as you remember this, re-designing your living room will be much easier for you to accomplish-and will also give you a lot more options for room design, which is a great thing for any homeowner. The more options you have for room design the better, and that includes deciding what to do with the television in the living room.

Want That Movie Theater In Your House?

Also, rather than using your living room as the television room, as in the old days, you can create a home theater in any room of your house by mounting the television on the wall and using existing furniture to re create a movie theater experience-or, if you wish to, buying home theater furniture. That option is a bit more expensive, but would probably save you a lot of money going to the movies. Thing is, with the new wall mounts, the sky is the limit as far as options for home decoration is concerned. You can put the television in the living room, or create a home theater with it. It's up to you, which is the best thing of all regarding the new wall mounts. No longer are you stuck with one certain design for a living room. You can decide on the living room being the television room or you can design your own home theater, removing the need for going to the movies if you wish. It's one of the best reasons for the new wall mounts-it puts the decision clearly in your hands.

The Sky Is The Limit

In the end, the decision is yours. If you decide to use a wall mount for the new television, it helps you with posture, gives you more options for room design, and gets rid of a lot of clutter and dust, which is also good for overall health and well-being. What could be better? Whatever option you decide, remember to take the focus off the television and put it on your family and friends when they visit. It's easier to do that with a wall-mounted television. That is the best room design option of all. As you review all the options you have, remember that one most of all, for overall well-being.